About Nextlaw Ventures

A globally active early stage venture investor that focuses exclusively on legal technology.

We are the world’s leading expert on identifying and investing in the best technology to address legal business and practice challenges. Our
current portfolio consists of some of the most innovative legal tech companies around the world, linked below.

We work closely with our sister company, Nextlaw Labs, to partner with and drive exploration of early-stage legal technology in the Dentons ecosystem – the world’s largest firm, its clients, and Nextlaw Referral Network, the largest legal referral network in the world.

We help grow our portfolio companies by leveraging the resources of our team, our investors and our global reach to increase product maturity and company valuation. If a legal tech company wants to target Big Law, midsize or boutique firm markets, explore almost any legal jurisdiction in the world, or scale to virtually any sector or practice area, we make that happen. If the company is focused on the corporate legal market, we can connect them to thousands of clients through our network.

Our Team

  • Dan Jansen

    Dan Jansen

    CEO, Nextlaw Ventures

    About Dan Jansen

    Dan Jansen is the CEO and Managing Director of Nextlaw Ventures. He has a rare combination of entrepreneurial and professional services experience. As a serial entrepreneur, Dan has helped to conceive, fund, grow and/or sell disruptive businesses in diverse sectors including legal, social media, financial services, and online recruiting. Dan is also CEO of Nextlaw Labs, a global innovation catalyst and portfolio startup accelerator. He also has twenty years of professional services experience including roles leading the Global Media Practice for the Boston Consulting Group and with Arthur Young & Company advising startups.

  • Joe Andrew

    Joe Andrew

    Senior Advisor

    About Joe Andrew

    Joe Andrew is the Global Chairman of Dentons, the largest law firm in the world. An accomplished and highly regarded corporate lawyer, Joe may be best known for his role as chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) from 1999 to 2001. Central to Joe’s work has been his vision for the law firm of the future, which includes Dentons’ growth, integration and reinvention. Joe is an entrepreneur, a published author, a frequent speaker on political and demographic trends, a board member of several nonprofit organizations and a member of various progressive policy organizations. He is the founder of a socially responsible mutual fund, a biotech consulting firm, a cleantech company and numerous nonprofit organizations. His spy novel, The Disciples, was published by Simon and Schuster, as was his most recent book on progressive investing and economic trends, The Blue Way.

  • Elliott Portnoy

    Elliott Portnoy

    Senior Advisor

    About Elliott Portnoy

    Elliott Portnoy is the Global CEO of Dentons, the largest law firm in the world. Elliott is responsible for management of the global Firm and its unwavering commitment to integrated client service across 158 offices in 66 countries. Under Elliott’s leadership, Dentons is experiencing a period of exceptional growth and success.

    Prior to the formation of Dentons, Elliott served as the youngest chairman of Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, which later became SNR Denton, one of the legacy firms that combined to create Dentons. Elliott has been recognized as a prominent public policy lawyer by multiple publications and organizations, including successive editions of Chambers USA, most recently as a “Top Washington Lawyer.” He has also been called “inspiring” and a “dynamic and ambitious go-getter” by the Washington Business Journal, and cited as one of the top lobbyists in the nation by Washingtonian magazine. In addition, he has received multiple awards from nonprofit organizations for his community service and pro bono contributions


The Nextlaw Referral Network is the largest legal network in the world, with 700+ member law firms in 200 countries, ranging from solo practitioners up to boutique and midsize firms. NRN is another laboratory for us to source expertise and test our portfolio solutions in a variety of markets.

Nextlaw Ventures and Seedcamp, the first round fund for ambitious founders, cosponsored a global callout to legal tech startups. Selected companies received training, mentorship and investment from both organizations. We are developing similar partnerships to surface and nurture the most promising legal tech companies around the world.

Legal Geek is focused on providing community resources and thought leadership to legal tech startups. Nextlaw Ventures has partnered with Legal Geek since their founding to scout high potential legal tech startups across the globe and inspire change in the legal industry.

We invest in and partner with promising early-stage companies with great management teams whose solutions have the potential to fundamentally change the practice of law around the world.
Given current market conditions, we are not adding new companies to our investment portfolio at this time, but are actively seeking collaboration opportunities to help solve legal industry business challenges.

  • If you are a Business Accelerator or potential Business Partner seeking increased access to legal tech opportunities, or have a legal tech company to introduce, please email us at contact@nextlawventures.vc.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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